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Friday, May 27, 2011



by Scott Lee Stewart

The Wilson name has become synonymous with speed in Humboldt Speedway's Factory Stock class; Jeremy Wilson has been untouchable of late. But, Friday, a different member of the family got to share the wealth.

They may be brothers, but Jeremy and Derrek Wilson are arch rivals on the race track. This week, Derrek wrestled the feature win away from Jeremy. There is a sign on the back of Jeremy's #14 that reads "GET USED TO IT!". Well, maybe not just yet.

With Derrek winning and Jeremy second, Scott Stuart finished third; strong yet not quite strong enough (yet). Ethan Lamons finished fourth, with Brandon Weide fifth.

Johnny Bone, Jr. made his bi-weekly pilgrimage back to The Hummer, and proved once again that he's dialed in, as he won the Allen Co. Chiropractic USRA Modified feature. Signs of life from Whitey Folk this week, who ran a strong second after making radical changes to the chassis of his car thru the week, after struggling early in the season. Scott Daniels nailed down the third spot, while Brian Bolin and Gardner, Kansas driver Justin Johnson rounded out the top five.

Precision driving took Jeremy Chambers to the winners circle in the EZ Lock and Key B Mod feature. It was that same precision that held off an intense charge by Dalton Kirk, who finished second, and third place Matt Thompson of Bentonville, Arkansas. Tim VanGotten started dead last and finished fourth, with Scott Collins fifth.

Jeremy Willard continues to hang tough in the chase for season high points in the Whitworth Construction Pure Stock division. Due to changes in the line up procedure, Willard had only to come from fifth spot to win this week, instead of his usual dead last starting spot. Derek Michael drove an exellent race, but in the end was relegated to runner up. After his first feature win last week, Tyler Kidwell scored a hard fought third, with Brandon Rowland fourth and David Matlock fifth.

Friday night was round one of double header weekend at The Hummer: Sunday its the Dwaine Whitworth Memorial. That show is highlighted by a head to head clash between the USRA and NCRA Modifieds, with a thousand dollars to the winner. Plus, a full slate of Pure Stock, Factory Stock, and B-Mod action. Gates open at 4pm, with racing at 7.

Sunday, May 22, 2011



by Scott Lee Stewart

Tyler Kidwell had quite a busy week. First came his graduation from Chanute High School. After Friday races at Humboldt Speedway were moved to Sunday because of rain, Tyler, came, saw, and conquered the Whitworth Construction Pure Stocks, his first ever feature win. Kidwell's win wasn't all that easy; runner up Derek Michael, also a rookie, kept up constant pressure in the event. Jeremy Willard came from dead last to finish third, as David Matlock and Brandon Rowland rounded out the top five.

For veteran driver John Allen, a win in the Allen Co. Chiropractic USRA Modified feature must have been very satisfiing, given how hard he had to drive to earn it. Multi[le lead changes saw Allen as far back as fifth at one point, and an outstanding duel with second place finisher Austin Siebert had the crowd on their feet. Brian Bolin also led the race at times before ending up third. Whitey Folk came from tenth to fourth. Travis Smith took fifth, after also leading several laps.

Factory Stock continues to be dominated by Jeremy Wilson, who collected yet another trophy this week. Scott Stuart was runner up; Derrek Wilson, Tim Phillips, and Keith Simmons rounded out the top five.

A hard earned win in the EZ Lock and Key B Mod feature went to Tim VanGotten, who started in the seventh spot, and had to track down Jeremy Chambers, Jimmie Davis, and Dalton Kirk, the second, third, and fourth place finishers respectively, for the win. Fifth went to Mike Highley.

Memorial Day weekend means double header action at The Hummer: a regular show Friday night with kid's bike races at halftime; then The Duaine Whitworth Memorial on Sunday, featuring a $1000.00 to win USRA vs NCRA Modified shootout. On Sunday, gates will open at 4pm, with races at 7pm

Friday, May 06, 2011

McCormick Wins MARS/NCRA Late Models


by Scott Lee Stewart

A dozen years ago, Brandon McCormick began racing with the MARS late model series. In that time, he had never won a series feature. Until, that is Friday night at Humboldt Speedway.

In the 43 year history of the track, there had never been a combined meeting of the NCRA and MARS late models. Into this clash of titans came McCormick, and 34 other late model aces. The feature ran 40 laps. McCormick took the lead less than half way through, and then relegated one of the very best, Terry Phillips, to the runner up spot. This despite Phillip's best efforts to blow by on the outside. racing two and sometimes three abreast, Tony Jackson captured the third spot. Eric Turner was fourth, long time Hummer vetran Randy Zimmerman scored fifth.

Complementing the Late Model show, a field of 28 USRA Modifieds were on hand to compete. 15 of them went to the Allen Co. Chiropractic "A" feature. One, Brian Bolin, went all the way to the front and stayed there for the win. Johnny Bone, Jr. gave all he had before having to settle for second. Finishing a strong third was Whitey Folk, while Ryan Whitworth and Johnny Allen rounded out the top five.

Tim VanGotten remains the man to beat in the EZ Lock and Key B Mod series, racking up his second feature win in as many weeks. VanGotten faces tough pressure fron Dalton Kirk, this weeks runner up. Jay Lamons, Jr. got held up early, before breaking loose to finish third. Jimmie Davis was fourth, Jeremy Chambers fifth.

Reigning Pure Stock points champ Mike Aielo led the way in this weeks Whitworth Construction feature race, running down second place finisher Norman Mackley late in the race. Derek Michael took third, followed by Jeremy Willard and Matt Habiger.

Friday, April 29, 2011



by Scott Lee Stewart

After missing a good portion of the last season protecting his country overseas, Jeremy Wilson is now the dominant force in Factory Stock at Humboldt Speedway.

Yes, Jeremy outpaced the field once again this week, despite serious competion from brother Derrek Wilson, who finished second, and Scott Stuart, who captured third. Tim Phillips finished fourth, with Brandon Tindle fifth.

In E-Z Lock and Key B-Mod action, Tim VanGotten was back in stride this week, holding off hard charging Dalton Kirk for the feature win. Jimmie Davis took third, followed by Garen wescoat and Levi McGowen.

From near the back of the field, Jeremy Willard powered to the win in the Whitworth Construction Pure Stock feature. Coming from the absolute rear of the field was Brandon Rowland in second. Dennis Aielo came home in third, followed by Toby Eble and Norman Mackley.

John Allen rolled out a brand new car for the Allen Co. Chiropractic USRA Modified event Friday, and went straight to the front for the feature win. In one of his strongest showings this season, Ryan Whitworth captured the runner up spot. Whitey Folk finished third, Paden Phillips fourth, and Casey Jesseph fifth.

Also on hand were the Vintage cars. That feature was won by Lewis Jackson, followed by Pat Trusler, Dave Baldwin, Johnny Edmiston, and Justin Hartsell.

Next Friday spotlights the second major event at HUmboldt Speedway this year: The NCRA/MARS Late Model shootout. Since this will be a points night for both series, all the big names are expected to participate in this first ever event at The Hummer. Factory Stock will have the night off, but all other classes will run as well. Adult admission will be $20.00, with Kids $5.00. Gates open at six.

Friday, April 22, 2011



by Scott Lee Stewart

Two weeks ago, Mother Nature cut the Friday night program at Humboldt Speedway short by two feature races. Last week, the Factory Stock feature was made up. Due to scheduling conflicts with USMTS being in the area, the Allen Co. Chiropractic USRA Modified feature had to wait until this week to be completed.

So, the night begins with 15 Modifieds out of the original 18 being first out of the box. It had rained a lot over the last couple of days, so there was plenty of moisture in the clay, and Ron Whitworth and crew, as usual, had the surface in top shape. The track was really sticky, not a common denominater in Modified racing, and speeds were incredible.

Round 1 saw a lot of mechanical malfunctions that cost both Jess Folk, Jr and Johnny Allen dearly, as both were leading before DNF. However, it might not have mattered anyway, because Johnny Bone, Jr. was on the scene and dialed in to perfection. With a clear track in front of him, Bone bade a fond farewell to the rest of the field on his way to the win. After quite a battle, Scott Daniels ousted Paden Phillips for runner up. Ryan Whitworth held down fourth, with Jon Sheets fifth.

On to round 2: Bone won his heat, and secured inside pole position for the feature. From the drop of the green, Bone was seemingly on rails, and sailed off to victory, winning wire to wire. Johnny Allen, now repaired, finished second, followed by Scott Daniels, Paden Phillips, and Paul Snyder.

Levi Phillips may be in his first year of Stock Car racing, but you can't tell by watcing. Phillips started 13 cars deep in a 19 car field and won the Whitworth Construction Pure Stock feature. Second spot went to Brandon Rowland, with Stetson Deets third. Laura ramey was fourth, Blake Kisner fifth.

The Factory Stock feature was, once again, The Jeremy Wilson show. Wilson continues to be the man to beat in the class, although second place Tim Phillips gave it a good shot, falling just short. Derrek wilson came in third, while Brandon Weide and Ed Muller rounded out the top five.

Hard luck has haunted Jay Lamons, Jr. all season. That, however, hasn't stopped Lamons, and this week things finally went right, and he won the E-Z Lock and Key B-Mod feature in commanding fashion. Dalton Kirk battled through the field for a hard earned runner up, Tim VanGotten was third. Fourth was Jimmie Davis, Jeremy Chambers finished fifth

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



by Scott Lee Stewart

A stranger pulled into Humboldt Speedway one windy Sunday afternoon. Nobody knew much about him. And then......

Jon Sheets is from Nevada, Mo. At least, thats what the sign in sheet says. Oher than that we know one thing: he's really fast.

Jon took on the top guns in the Allen Co. Chiropractic USRA Modified feature Sunday, and beat em' all. He dueled with Johnny Allen and Brian Bolin on track conditions that changed faster than the price of gasoline. At one time or another, all three led at least one lap, and Allen had passed Sheets and opened up a 2 or 3 car length lead. On the bottom of the track, where it's fairly safe. So, Sheets goes to the top, puts it to the floor, and away we go; all the way to victory lane. Allen finished a tighjt second, Bolin was third. Jess Folk Jr. was fourth. Whitey Folk started 22nd in the feature, and finished fifth.

Back on the 8th, lightning cut the races two features short, so fans got a double dose of Factory Stock action on Sunday. In the 1st feature, Dale Price won it from the pole, fighting off Scott Stuart. Jeremy Wilson, Derrek Wilson and Brandon Tindle finished off the top five. In the 2nd feature, Jeremy Wilson returned to the front and scored yet another feature win. Once again, Scott Stuart was strong in a second place effort. Derrek Wilson took the number three slot, with Ed Mulller fourth and Tim Phillips fifth. (Note: the Allen Co. USRA Modifieds will make up their lost feature on the 24th.)

On to the Whitworth Construction Pure Stock feature, where up and coming Blake Kisner blazed his way to the win. Kisner, runner up Brandon Rowland, Nad third place Jeremy Willard all came from the very back of the field. Fourth went to Levi Phillips, with Tyler Kidwell fifth.

Levi McGowen mounted a no prisoners charged to the front of the E-Z Lock and Key B-Mod feature. Hot on his heels, Jeremy Chambers took second. Dalton Kirk was third, followed by Jerry Brown and Jimmie Davis.

Coming May 8th, it's the NCRA/MARS Late Model shoot out at The Hummer.

Friday, April 08, 2011



by Scott Lee Stewart

Mother Nature lit up the Friday night sky at Humboldt Speedway as if to help Stetson Deets celebrate his first Hummer feature win.

Deets won the Whitworth Construction Pure Stock feature in convincing fashion, holding off runner up Toby Eble and Jeremy Willard, both of whom were in striking distance the entire show. Fourth went to Michael Aiello, while William Joyce was fifth.

Tim VanGotten remains the man to beat in the E-Z Lock and Key B-Mods, with his second feature win in as many weeks. Garen westcoat, Ron Bolin, Jr., Levi McGowen and Dalton Kirk rounded out the top five.

Then the electrical storm that had been steadily building all evening forced a halt to racing action.

So, next week, Fan Appreciation Night at the Hummer will be even better. All seats for the show will be $5.00, plus fans will see an extra Factory Stock feature. Some of the Modifieds in this weeks feature will be gone to a USMTS show on Fan night, so while the Allen Co. Chiropractic Modifieds will still be in action, the make up race will be held the following week.

Again, April 15 at the Hummer; Fan Appreciation Night! All seats are $5.00!